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Reservation for the members of Scheduled Castes/Tribes, Backward Classes, Ex-Servicemen & Physically Handicapped Persons in Services & Posts filled by Direct Recruitment, by Transfrer and by Promotion in Haryana
Part-I Over Time Allowances


Bonafide Residents of Haryana - Guidelines
Part-III Conduct of Government Employees
Part-IV Confidential Reports
Part-V Confirmation of Govt. Employees
Part-VI Classification of Posts
Part-VII Ex-gratia Grant & Other Facilities to the family members of the deceased employees
Part-VIII Efficiency Bar - Crossing of
Part-IX Forwarding of applications policy regarding Govt. employees seeking private employment or employment in other departments of the state or under other Govts.
Part-X Higher Qualification
Part-XI Incentives to Govt. Employees
Part-XII Leave
Part-XIII Maintenance of Govt. Record, Procedure for change of name, Govt. Policies, Use of term Govt. Servant
Part-XIV Military Service benefits, Age Relaxation, Grant of leave to civilian employees who are wives of Defence services Personnel
Part-XV Pension
Part-XVI Probation
Part-XVII Promotion
Part-XVIII Punishment & Appeal Rules
Part-XIX Re-employment / Extension of service beyond the age of superannuation
Part-XX Representations / Memorials from Govt. Employees
Part-XXI Resignation by Govt. Employees condonation of break in Service
Part-XXII Compulsory / Premature retirement
Part-XXIV Recruitment
Part-XXV Determination of seniority of employees
Part-XXVI Service Rules Procedure
Part-XXVII Suspension
Part-XXVIII Training
Part-XXIX Transfer
Part-XXX Leave Travel Concession
Part-XXXI General Instructions